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Viet Cam Dance
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In 1998, choreographer Dinh Luan relocated

from Illinois to California. VTADO (Đoàn Nghệ

Thuật Dân Tộc Lạc Hồng) gave 1 of their 3 dance

groups to him. From an amateur dance group,

Dinh Luan spent many years with them to brought

them up to be semi-professional level. At that time, our group name was Lạc Hồng Dance.

We worked with Vân Sơn Productions, Thúy Nga

Productions, Asia Productions and many other

Entertainment Productions in California.

We have performed in many states of USA.

Vân Sơn Productions brought us along to

perform in Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, Australia,

Canada... Famous Vietnamese singer Như Quỳnh

also brought us along to perform in Paris.

In 2009, many dancers retired from the dancing

activities to finish their colleges. The new group

was formed under the name of Việt Cầm Dance.

Most of our dancers are students. Some of them

are professional dancers came from Việt Nam.

Beside going to schools, having a day job, these

young men and women spend their time to learn

Vietnamese dances on the weekends. Thru

Vietnamese traditional dances, the dancers (even

their parents) learn about Vietnamese culture,


Our mission is to preserve and develop Vietnamese culture thru dancing, and to bring more color to Amerrican culture. 

We participate in community events, such as

the Ancestral Ceremony of Vietnamese 1st

King (Giỗ Tổ Hùng Vương), in Nursing Homes,

Ceremony of General Trần Hưng Đạo (Giỗ

Thánh Tổ Trần Hưng Đạo), Vietnamese New

Year Parade, Fund Raising events....etc...

We give scholarships to low-income children to

participate in our training classes.

Our main choreographer is Mr. DinhLuan Vu.


MuaQuatHue 2019.jpg

Luân Võ (Tiết mục Lạy Phật Quan Âm)

Kevin bắn cung.jpg

Kevin Nguyễn (Tiết Mục Con Rồng Cháu Tiên)

IMG_5661 bis.jpg

From left : Cao Tường Vy, Treena Nguyễn, Yến Võ, Christina Lưu (Dance Đêm Mê Linh)


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All Videos

All Videos
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Múa Quạt Huế

Múa Quạt Huế

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Múa Việt Trên Đất Mỹ Ad3

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Dancers Wanted

Dancers Wanted

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Treena VeVoiHue.jpg

 Mỹ Dung (Dance Lưu Thủy Kim Tiền)

Nguyên Trân (Dance Lưu Thủy Kim Tiền)

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