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Mr. DinhLuan Vu has been the main choreographer of Việt Cầm Dance since 1998. He learn dancing in Viet Nam. He came to California in 1998, and started training a dance group of VTADO (Đoàn Văn Nghệ Lạc Hồng) in the same year. Gradually, that group became his dance group with the name Lạc Hồng Dance.

In 2009 the dance group changed its name to Việt Cầm Dance. Over 25 years, he created more than 500 dances

(he stopped counting). He designed most of the costumes of his dances. He is like a one-man-crew who handles

everything to keep the business going. As time goes by, he realized the important of keeping all of his dance

as close to traditional as possible. But, between reserving and developing Vietnamese Traditional dance,

he is leaning toward the developing side. 

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